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Q:  Why should I become a member?

A: Synergy for Ministry is designed to help you save time, save money, provide training, connect like-minded leaders, and stimulate the exchange of ideas and resources. If this benefits your ministry, then Synergy for Ministry is for you!

Q:  Who benefits the most from Synergy for Ministry?

A: Anyone with music or worship responsibilities within a local church or ministry!

Q:  What are the benefits of Synergy for Ministry?

  • Save money for your ministry (Low cost—In fact, members receive special discounts for music resources so that the membership pays for itself!)
  • Save time and energy (Always available—no need to wait)
  • Provide first class training for ministry leadership (Webinars and Classes provided for all areas of leadership)
  • Create peer-to-peer networking and resourcing relationships (Answer the “Where can I find…..?” questions)
  • Allows all ministry leadership to participate (Strengthens the entire ministry)
  • Discover new ideas for building and nurturing a music/worship ministry (Answer the “How Do I….” questions)
  • Access the panel of qualified and knowledgeable “expert” facilitators (Like having extra staff members!)
  • Receive encouragement and support from a like-minded community (We’re all in this together!)
  • Free conference registration and resources from publishers and dealers

Q:  What happens if I move to another church or ministry—does the membership go with me?

A: At this point, the membership will be designated according to who is making the payments. However, if you are called to another place of service, you may continue participating for 60 days giving you time to establish your new church as a member. This means that your previous ministry and your new ministry both have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of Synergy for Ministry.

Q:  Can I invite other leaders in my professional network to join Synergy for Ministry?

A: Absolutely! More members means a greater and more comprehensive resource for each of us!

Q:  What types of payment do you accept?

A: We accept credit cards, debit cards, and checks.

Q:  Since Synergy for Ministry is so affordable, does that mean the quality isn’t very good?

A: One of the primary goals of Synergy for Ministry is to be so cost-effective that any size ministry can participate. However, our technology, facilitators, and trainings are all first class and highly professional.

Q:  What are some of the features offered through Synergy for Ministry?

  • Ability to interact with all members either through messaging or in real time chat
  • Access to all webinars and replays
  • Access to all classes and replays
  • Creation of and participation in discussions within specific groups
  • Share video and photos with the community
  • Weekly devotionals suitable for choir or worship team
  • Design your own membership page w/video, photos, and personal information

Q:  What are the membership options?

    A:To see the membership levels and benefits, please Click Here

Q:  What is your policy concerning cancellations and refunds?

A: If you don’t believe Synergy for Ministry is beneficial to your ministry, then you have the freedom to cancel your membership without penalty. If for some reason you find it necessary to cancel, please use the contact us form, select the billing department, and under comments request a cancellation. Please include any names of other members from your church/ministry as it will affect their participation as well. The membership will be cancelled effective at the end of the current billing cycle. At this time, refunds are not available due to the trial offer and yearly discount.

Q:  How will Synergy for Ministry adapt as it grows?

A: One obvious plan is to add additional facilitators and narrow the parameters of particular groups. For instance, instead of including all types of choirs in one group, we would probably create an Adult Choir group, Youth/Student Choir group, and Children’s Choir/Worship group with different facilitators for each. Additionally, our technology is scalable so that we can grow to quite a large membership without having to make significant changes.